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Our Authentic Adventure trips offer the unique opportunity to immerse yourself into the rhythm, color and flavour of some of the world's most vibrant destinations. You'll step off the beaten path to experience life in the shoes of a local: exploring mouthwatering cuisines, historic landmarks and cultural excursions.

Take a look at some of the Authentic Adventures we have to offer;

Discovery Tours

Our local guides will show you the hidden beauty of your travel destination. Envision yourself tracing the footsteps of ancient Bantu tribes, up towards the peak of Mount Kenya. Maybe you’ll learn Swahili in Kenya or snorkel through the colorful coral reef in Thailand. Prepare to discover something new about yourself and the world.

Food Tours

From your first whiff of samlor korko, you’ll learn of the culinary richness offered by Vietnam, Cambodia and South Africa. By exploring their cuisine traditions, you’ll get a taste of the culture and form meaningful connections with local chefs, farmers and food vendors. You’ll also explore the art, religion, and history of these beautiful countries.

Wellness Tours

Through meditation, yoga and traditional medicine, you’ll gain a new perspective on human health in the spiritual country of Sri Lanka. When you're not working on inner peace, expect to cook local dishes, explore beautiful beaches, and care for the elderly. We believe that helping the world starts with healing yourself. Once you’ve achieved balance within, you’re better equipped to make a positive impact on those around you.

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Choose from 15 unique destinations: Belize, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Fiji, India, Kenya, Mongolia, Nepal, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam

Discover new cultures with a group of like-minded adventurers and potential lifelong friends

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Leave feeling wiser and more deeply connected to another culture

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